The Sustainable Landscapes Group works at a range of spatial scales using a variety of approaches including collecting empirical field data, modelling to understand and predict impacts, and assessing decisions, monitoring requirements and realistic policy options. We work mainly on the following broad themes:

  • Landscape ecology &ecosystem services

  • Environmental decision-making & policy

  • Monitoring & value of information


If you are interested in working with the group please contact j.rhodes@uq.edu.au


Please see the University of Queensland Graduate School for information on postgraduate research degrees, including how to apply for admission and scholarships.

Available PhD Projects: 

Environmental offsets have become a dominant policy tool for compensating for the environmental impacts of development. There has been considerable attention paid to understanding the environmental consequences of alternative offset policy settings. However, the economic consequences of offset policy settings have been largely ignored. This PhD project will aim to address this gap by better understanding the economic trade-offs with biodiversity and ecosystem service outcomes for offsets.