Current Members

My PhD research focuses on using and advancing spatial and acoustic techniques to visualise and describe the competitive relationship between the vulnerable ‘acid frogs’ of eastern Australia and their sibling species.

Alannah Filer, PhD Candidate

Anazelia is interested in the science-policy interface, as well as in environmental governance designed to make links between science and society. Her work, supervised by Prof Jonathan Rhodes, Prof Hugh Possingham, Dr. Angela Dean, and Prof Pedro Brancalion, focuses on promoting secondary forest persistence in the Atlantic Forest, improving large-scale forest restoration through natural regeneration. As part of Anazelia’s PhD, she is working in collaboration with several organisations such as The Nature Conservancy, World Resources Institute-Brazil, WWF-Brazil, Espirito Santo Government, and the University of Sao Paulo.

Anazelia Tedesco, PhD Candidate

My PhD research focuses on i) the way that species biological traits mediate the response of mammal populations to hunting pressure and habitat loss and ii) trade-offs in the cost effectiveness of managing each of these threats and iii) integrating these insights into spatial conservation planning.

Brendan Dillon, PhD Candidate

My research centres on finding new ways to improve environmental outcomes in landscapes that are important to both people and nature. I’ve worked on a range of projects, including using social media to map the effects of global industries on Arctic environments and societies, mapping cultural and physical ecosystem services across the Arctic and the US, and examining the ways that food production can support environmental sustainability. Right now I’m working with Jonathan Rhodes and the Commonwealth Threatened Species Unit to support national koala recovery planning.

Claire Runge, Research Fellow

My PhD research focuses on 1) methods to design ecosystem services offsets, 2) impacts of accounting for the supply of ecosystem services on the spatial location of biodiversity offsetting solutions, and 3) impacts of accounting for social equity in access to ecosystem services on the spatial location of biodiversity offsetting solutions. I am a PhD student in interested in  how including ecosystem services considerations might change biodiversity offsetting policies in coastal environments. My PhD focuses on issues following that, 1) how to design ecosystem services offsets, 2) how does accounting for the supply of ecosystem services change the spatial location of biodiversity offsetting solutions, and 3) how does accounting for social equity in access to ecosystem services change the spatial location of biodiversity offsetting solutions.

Deqiang Ma, PhD Candidate

Frankie Cho, PhD Candidate

Imogen Cunningham, Honours Student

My research uses the ecosystem services concept and the Social-Ecological Systems framework to explore how spatial information on the different values that people have for the ecosystems can be used to make better decisions when planning for conservation.

Jaramar Villarreal Rosas, PhD Candidate

​Jonathan is based in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at The University of Queensland (UQ). He received his PhD in Ecology in 2005 and has been at UQ since 2007, after two years at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart before that. His primary research interests lie in understanding the spatial processes that drive biodiversity and ecosystem services, and developing fundamental principles for decision-making in conservation.

Jonathan Rhodes, Professor

Konrad Uebel, PhD Candidate

Lucy Keniger, PhD Candidate

My research broadly focuses on applied conservation research that is linked directly to on the ground actions. More specifically, I am interested in efficient reserve design, landscape management, planning and managing dynamic threats, cost-effective conservation actions, ecosystem service management and conserving threatened species under climatic change.

Michelle Ward, PhD Candidate

Nisa Abeysinghe, PhD Candidate

Noami White, PhD Candidate

Dr Peter Baxter joined the Sustainable Landscapes Group in July 2020 to research monitoring strategies to detect trends in koala populations across south-east Queensland. Peter’s expertise is in modelling challenges in conservation and invasion biology, with particular interest in the efficient allocation of resources for management, most recently focussing on islands. Peter holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from the University of California, Berkeley; a B.A. (Mod.; Environmental Sciences) from Trinity College Dublin; and a Diploma in Actuarial Techniques from the Institute of Actuaries, London. He has previously held postdoctoral positions at the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, and Queensland University of Technology and was a lecturer with UQ’s Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics.

Peter Baxter, Research Fellow

Shantala is a Research Assistant for the Sustainable Landscapes Group. She has a BSc (Hons) in marine biology and ecology. After working in environmental consulting for a number of years she has more recently worked in research coordination / management and research assistant roles (including marine and coastal restoration, coastal wetland dieback, and research infrastructure requirements in ecosystem science). She is particularly interested in marine and coastal conservation.

Shantala Brisbane, Research Assistant

Shirali Dave, Research Assistant