Policy evaluation 

Policy Evaluation

One of the major objectives of applied conservation research is to inform policy decisions for greater environmental sustainability. We achieve this by working closely with governments and non-governmental organisations and focusing our work around the evaluation of realistic policy options for a wide range of issues that include koala conservation, forest protection, and offset policies.

Current projects

A/Prof Jonathan Rhodes is leading work with the Queensland and New South Wales governments. These projects include: advising on the koala conservation strategy in Queensland and New South Wales; a policy setting exercise for land clearing and threatened vegetation communities in Queensland; evaluation of the koala habitat variations in the Queensland Environmental Offsets Policy with recommendations to improve benefits to koala and reduce costs to developers.

Carla Archibald is working with relevant government agencies and land trusts to assess the drivers of privately protected area adoption. Harnessing information about the type of contract, the landholders and the environment we are able to assess how different landholders respond to different privately protected area policies.

Rachel Friedman is working with a non-governmental organization and a government research institute on Indonesian community-based forest management policy. Her research considers implications of these recent forest policy shifts for human well-being, social equity, and forest conservation.



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