Blake Alexander Simmons

My research interests are transdisciplinary, with a particular focus on the overarching effects of anthropogenic actions on ecological interactions and ecosystem function. Some of my previous projects have centred around wildlife and rangeland management, animal behaviour, ecohydrology, and water quality, and my field experience spans across seven countries throughout North America, Europe, and Africa. For my PhD research, I utilised a range of interdisciplinary approaches amalgamating the biophysical, economic, demographic, and cultural dimensions of deforestation in order to quantify the impacts of conservation policy and investigate how deforestation trends may be influenced by economic indicators, psychosocial behaviours, and political regime changes. My current projects propel these techniques and conservation lessons forward, examining how we can create behaviour change interventions that generate social and environmental co-benefits, and how interactions and engagement with environmental data can enhance the salience of important environmental messages for the public.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland

  • Master of Science, Universiteit Antwerpen

  • Bachelor of Science, University of Miami


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